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PHORNANO -SECURE | SENSITIVE |REPRODUCIBE nanomaterial for research and industry

Biocompatible nanomaterials from PHORNANO offer a secure route to improve your demanding application. Our consulting helps you to implement processes involving nanomaterials in accordance with the latest recommendations and regulations in nanotechnology by OECD and ISO. For example,  toxicity of nanosilver is mainly mediated by the presence of residual free ions. In case of our HighQuant silver nanoparticles, this adverse effect can be eliminated by a controlled and low level of ionic silver. Zinc oxide nanoparticles on the other hand offer protection in many respects.


The sensitivity of sensors and imaging devices is improved by orders of magnitude. The invisible becomes visible. The ability to detect extremely low concentrations allows you to make decisions precise and early. For example, our HighQuant gold and silver nanoparticles offer an extraordinary powerful Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) effect, significantly improving the sensitivity of your application or device. Highly sensitive 4n4SERS substrates present a powerrful tool benefiting from  high quality nanoparticles.


Nanomaterials from PHORNANO, monodisperse in shape and dimension are the key to highest reproducibility of your results. Demanding applications with highest reproducibility and reliability benefit for example from HighQuant silver nanoparticles,  Control of the presence of residual free ions in the nanoparticle suspension potentially significantly improves the reliability the experimental results or the reproducibility of their respective application.



PHORNANO - we strive to lead in invent & manufacture Nanomaterials
Test Tubes




If you are interested in creating value from new products and/or new markets in the area of nanotechnology, we offer support in implementing new materials in the most effective way. In parallel, we identify necessary steps and join you during the implementation of those in regards to safety of nanomaterials.  Consulting in bringing your business in compliance with the latest regulations regarding to nanotechnology is a service we offer.

The Wall of Ideas




If you are interested in creating value from new products and/or new markets, we offer support in helping you to identify opportunities. We are specialized in defining and optimizing business processes in an innovative and entrepreneurial environment in the area of high tech businesses.

If you are interested in creating value by buying or selling a business in part or as a whole, we offer support from finding the right partner to the finalization of the acquisition. We are specialized in M&A in the area of high tech businesses. 

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If you are interested in the successful identification, preparation and submission of a research project, we support you through all phases of this process. We offer to find the best call to match your research interest and take care of the proposal writing in order to maximize the chance that your research proposal receives funding.

We are specialized in proposal preparation activities in the areas of physics and chemistry as well as in engineering and economy.

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