COVID-19 and nanotechnology

How can 4n contribute to combat COVID-19?

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, it is time for the nanotechnology community to shine and build on its experience with nanoscale materials and drug delivery to provide knowledge and tools for COVID-19 [prevention, diagnostics,] vaccine and therapeutics development (Nature Nanotechnology volume 15, page 617(2020))

Increased global demand for nanomaterials also brought some suppliers with unsavory product specifications to the market. For example, if the specifications for the peak light absorbance of a stable gold nanoparticle suspension is increased to OD 10 from OD 1 (1/cm), the specified value for peak absorbance exceeds the one of most comparable published nanomaterials 10E9 times.

4n Gold nanoparticles

HighQuant gold nanoparticles constitute the transport mechanism in every lateral flow test. It reaches from pregnancy tests which help to indicate new lives to COVID-19 assays, which help to indicate potential threats to our lives. The video shows an example of how gold nanoparticles are utilized to serve us.

4n Silver nanoparticles

HighQuant silver nanoparticles demonstrate a long- lasting, powerful and controlled antiviral activity, helping to protect textiles, surfaces and most importantly - us humans. The video shows an example of  how silver nanoparticles potentially can be used to protect us via future nano-formulations.

VerdeQuant Zinc oxide nanoparticles

are produced in an unique environmental friendly, reproducible process, drastically reducing the CO2 footprint of the manufacturing of the generally environmental friendly nanomaterial. Its intrinsic long-lasting, powerful and controlled antiviral activity, helps to protect textiles, surfaces and most importantly - us humans. The video shows an example of  zinc oxide nanoparticles being used to protect us against COVID-19.


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